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Reducing Stress and Anxiety with a Child-like Activity


Think coloring is just for kids? Think again. There are actually a bevy of benefits associated with coloring activities for adults. Recent articles and professional studies give coloring for adults "two thumbs up" when it comes to providing an outlet to unwind, de-stress and increase creativity.  Coloring books for adults come in a large variety of styles and topics including mandalas, stained glass, geometric designs and plenty of animal and nature themes. There are even coloring books that feature famous buildings and architectural styles.


5 Reasons Adults Can Benefit from Coloring

Here's the quick list for ways you or someone you know can benefit from coloring:

1Coloring requires hand-eye coordination. Working on coloring pages a few times a week can actually help you maintain a sharp mind.

2Coloring can help you de-stress. Had a tough day at work? Worried about bills, housework and such? While pulling out your favorite coloring book probably won't make your problems completely go away, it definitely can give you a reprieve for an hour or so from the things that are clouding your mind.

3Coloring can spark creativity. One of the favorite aspects of coloring books for me is that spending a 1/2 hour or so coloring leads to all sorts of other creative thoughts.

4In some aspects, coloring can be compared to meditation -- something that can benefit you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In other words, lose yourself in a coloring book and watch your blood pressure go down.

5Connect with your inner child. While that may seem a little too ethereal for some, honestly, we can all benefit from partaking in some of our favorite childhood activities like flying a kite, blowing bubbles and yes, even coloring.


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