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We just sold a home in this cul-de-sac a few weeks ago - this little cul-de-sac location is one of that last nice, affordable little niches in Coquitlam.   Hard to find anything nice for under a million these days - unbelievable as it is.  


To be perfectly straightforward, every home has compromises, this one has a 5500 square foot lot, and the back yard backs on to the Mariner overpass.   Do not overlook this home because of location.   Yes, there is some traffic sound, but it is very minimal, just a background hum, not a lot of starting and stopping or heavy truck traffic.   The benefits of the location far outweigh the drawbacks here.   Its a solid, well maintained home, with good room sizes & a comfortable feel.  


The small lot also allows it to be in a more affordable price range, but there is very little wasted front yard, and you get a pretty fair sized private back yard to enjoy for the money. 


Check it out on our website   or call me for more details on this little gem before its' gone.......


Angela Reeves Royal LePage West 604-897-7033

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As Realtors, we I am asked on an almost daily basis - do you think this is a housing bubble?  Is the crash coming?  Oh, how I wish for that crystal ball!!   It's a pretty logical question, given the state of the current market.   It has been a great many years since there was such a strong sellers market in place. 


The answer to the bubble question is not cut and dried, but my basic feeling is this.   If you look at the historical graph for real estate sales in BC, there are always peaks and valleys.   One should note however, that the peak which follows a valley is almost always higher than the peak that preceeded it.   IE.  Prices always rise over time, but it TAKES time. 


One other line of thought that people fearing "the bubble" should consider is the global economy.   BC, and especially Vancouver, has become a highly sought after global destination.  It's a safe place for foreign investors to put their money.  Its a safe place for people also.   If you consider Vancouver on a global level, it has long been substantially undervalued when compared to other global destinations such as New York, Paris, London and Tokyo.  A pricey condo in downtown Vancouver compares to roughly a dingy below ground closet in New York.   


Our prices, in my opinion, are just now "getting with the times", in my opinion.  


For now, Sellers & Realtors rejoice!!   Take pleasure in just two days of open houses netting you multiple offers!!  (That is, if your realtor markets your home correctly, and you are priced right!!).   Multiple Offer Mondays don't seem like they'll be dissappearing any time soon!  


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What a great time of year to get out and spread the pumpkin love!   Anyone that we didn't find at home got a photo of the scene of the crime! Best use of Biscayne Betty this year - that thing can haul a LOT of pumpkins! 





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Saving a tree, one month at a time......don't forget - there's still time to enter our ALL AGES coloring contest - here's the link to our digital newsletter - coloring contest is in the centre page


Get your entries in - $50 prepaid Visa card up for grabs - winner drawn at random!! 

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Smile  We've been receiving entries from our May newsletter coloring contest -thought we would share a few Smile many different age ranges here - great work from all!!  Winner will be drawn at random!!

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Reducing Stress and Anxiety with a Child-like Activity


Think coloring is just for kids? Think again. There are actually a bevy of benefits associated with coloring activities for adults. Recent articles and professional studies give coloring for adults "two thumbs up" when it comes to providing an outlet to unwind, de-stress and increase creativity.  Coloring books for adults come in a large variety of styles and topics including mandalas, stained glass, geometric designs and plenty of animal and nature themes. There are even coloring books that feature famous buildings and architectural styles.


5 Reasons Adults Can Benefit from Coloring

Here's the quick list for ways you or someone you know can benefit from coloring:

1Coloring requires hand-eye coordination. Working on coloring pages a few times a week can actually help you maintain a sharp mind.

2Coloring can help you de-stress. Had a tough day at work? Worried about bills, housework and such? While pulling out your favorite coloring book probably won't make your problems completely go away, it definitely can give you a reprieve for an hour or so from the things that are clouding your mind.

3Coloring can spark creativity. One of the favorite aspects of coloring books for me is that spending a 1/2 hour or so coloring leads to all sorts of other creative thoughts.

4In some aspects, coloring can be compared to meditation -- something that can benefit you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In other words, lose yourself in a coloring book and watch your blood pressure go down.

5Connect with your inner child. While that may seem a little too ethereal for some, honestly, we can all benefit from partaking in some of our favorite childhood activities like flying a kite, blowing bubbles and yes, even coloring.

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In a decision in Alberta, a husband and wife, the owners of a condominium unit, required a live-in caregiver. One was blind and the other suffered from dementia.

After the caregiver was hired, the condominium corporation brought an application for a declaration that the owners were in violation of a bylaw. It states that that units are “occupied or intended to be occupied as a residence by one family alone…and in which no roomers or boarders are allowed.”

Fortunately, the court took a reasonable and practical result in this case. The fact that a live-in caregiver was required to provide assistance did not mean that the unit was used other than as a single-family dwelling or for residential use. It would be unreasonable to include as “roomers” a live-in caregiver required for necessary care. One has to question who made the decision on behalf of the condominium to bring such a type of application.


In years to come, this decision will likely set an important precedent, as our boomer population ages and requires live in care.  


(Condominium Plan No. 9910225 v Davis, 2013 ABQB 49)

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We publish a monthly newsletter - both in print format, as well as this digital version.   We can spread the good word much futher with far less paper in the digital version, but we still offer a printed version for those who prefer it. 


Check it out here:



In the May edition, we will be kicking it old school and offering a coloring contest open to all ages.  Seems to be sort of a long lost skill - so we thought we'd encourage a little artistic pursuit by offering a great prize.  


Check back in early May to get details - if you would prefer a digital copy of the contest, we can send you one! 

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